George first arrived in Australia from Shanghai in 2007, and pursued a Computer Science degree at Monash University. He began his professional career as a software engineer and has become deeply involved in the local community, including as a Councillor for the City of Kingston.

George has worked in the finance industry dealing with global and local markets for many years and he understands that building a strong economy is the key to keeping Australians safe and being able to pay for essential services.

Through his experience in starting a financial technology business and running a local café and roastery, George knows that small and family owned businesses are important to creating more local jobs. That is why he is a passionate advocate for small business, and is working as part of the Liberal Team to back small business and build a stronger economy.

George’s migrant experience demonstrates his belief that multiculturalism is a key factor in Australia’s success. George will work for everyone in the diverse community and continue to foster its advancement and harmony.