As a local resident and recent Liberal candidate for Hotham, George understands the local issues and challenges, the importance of creating more local jobs and the need to responsibly manage a large council budget to deliver infrastructure and services while reducing the pressures on cost of living and doing business in Kingston.

With qualifications in computer science and experience in the financial industry, George is fortunate to now manage a financial technology start-up, giving him firsthand knowledge of challenges experienced by business who create jobs.

George is committed to listening to all, delivering and making sure our diverse community continues to have the opportunities to live, work and raise their families in a council which is accountable and responsive.

George’s vision for our community:

  • Lower council rates, less red tape and less unhelpful regulation
  • Better roads and facilities to service the growing population
  • Open and transparent planning process with better community engagement
  • Safer streets through stronger policing to protect local families
  • More support for local jobs and businesses

To work and achieve a better future for our municipality, vote 1 George HUA, 2 for Gina Di SCALA, 3 Gandhi BEVINAKOPPA, 4 Savo PEULICH and then fill in the rest of your ballot paper in line with your preferences.

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  • 降低市政府房屋税,简化繁琐的政府手续和规章制度
  • 升级道路和基础设施来服务不断增长的人口
  • 提倡更加公开透明的市政规划程序,让社区居民参与到政府决策中来
  • 加强警力来保护民众的人身和财产安全
  • 更多对本地就业和商业的支持

让我们一起努力,打造一个更美好的社区。请在您的North Ward选票上HUA, George前面的空格内填1,Di SCALA, Gina前面的空格内填2,BEVINAKOPPA, Gandhi前面的空格内填3,PEULICH, Savo前面的空格内填4,然后在剩下的空格内依次填写5-18。