Like so many in Hotham, George came to Australia seeking education and a better life.

First arriving in 2007 from Shanghai, George studied Computer Science at Monash University.

George is an active member in the local community and believes multiculturalism has been a key factor in Australia’s success. George will work for the entire diverse multicultural community in Hotham to continue to foster opportunities and harmony.

George is senior software engineer with a leading electronic trading brokerage and understands the importance of creating local jobs. Since starting his professional career he understands that the life of a graduate and a new migrant has many challenges. George has the experience to help local families fulfil their dreams.

George understands firsthand the need to build relationships and cooperation with countries through the world. He strongly supports the Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and Korea and is appalled at the xenophobic campaign being run by the trade union movement and parts of the Labor Party.

George lives in Clayton and is committed to working with the diverse local community and through his experience he will bring new ideas and strong representation back to the Hotham community.






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