Embracing the jobs of the future in Hotham

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Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, says the Coalition Government is working hard to prepare the community to take advantage of future changes to the economy and the workforce.

“Throughout time economies continually change and we are in a rapidly changing global environment,” Mr Hua said.

“In fact this transformation presents Australians with unprecedented opportunities and the Coalition Government is putting in place targeted policies to harness these opportunities,” Mr Hua said.

A recent Deloitte Access Economics report highlights the Government’s focus on innovation is a critical initiative for all Australians in understanding the changing nature of the workforce and ensuring Australians are equipped to take advantage of employment opportunities in the digital era.

“In recognition of the changing nature of our economy, the Coalition Government’s investment in the $1.1 billion Innovation Agenda will ensure local families can capitalise on the opportunities this transformation presents,” Mr Hua said.

“My number one priority is seeing jobs created for Hotham families. It is important for all Australians to understand possible future change, and what the opportunities for the future of work will be.”

“We can prepare our workforce now by identifying and anticipating labour force changes so that we maintain our job growth and productivity,” Mr Hua said.

Over the next four years, the government will spend $84 million to assist Australians in digital literacy and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This includes new money to upgrade teachers’ digital skills, educational apps and $13 million to boost the participation of girls and women in STEM.

The Government also recently announced financial support for the “Little Scientists” and “Let’s Count” training programmes that will help to inspire 350,000 pre-schoolers across the country in maths and sciences.

The Coalition Government is focused on creating jobs by building a more competitive, innovative and prosperous future for all Australians.


22 March 2016

Media enquiries: George Hua
PO Box 5119, Clayton VIC 3168
0450 210 423

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