The Division of Hotham is an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria. The division was created in 1969 and is named for Sir Charles Hotham, Governor of Victoria 1854-55. It is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Hotham covers an area of approximately 72 square kilometres from Oakleigh in the north to Dingley Village in the south. The Division includes the suburbs of Bentleigh East, Clarinda, Dingley Village, Heatherton and Moorabbin in their entirety, and parts of Clayton, Cheltenham, Hughesdale, Murrumbeena, Noble Park, Oakleigh, and Springvale.



How to Vote in the 2016 Federal Election

Vote 1 for HUA, George on the small green ballot paper, and number every box with the instructions below.
Vote 1 for Liberal on the large white ballot paper, and number 1-6 in those boxes as shown below.

Hotham HTV
(Click on the image above to enlarge it)

在HUA, George名字边上的空格内填1,并按照下图指示依次把其余数字填入其他方格内。