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Liberal Party candidate for Hotham, George Hua, has announced that a re-elected Turnbull Liberal Government will deliver road safety upgrades with an investment of $1.19 million to improve safety in Springvale and Murrumbeena.

“I have long been committed to fighting for and delivering funding to improve safety on local roads,” Mr Hua said.

“These particular locations will be recognised by locals as sites where accidents have occurred in the past or through their own near misses,” Mr Hua said.

The road safety projects to be carried out in Hotham are:

* Roundabout installation and safety upgrade along Lightwood Road between Springvale Road and Corrigan Road at Springvale: $727,000 to install a roundabout and splitter islands at T-intersections;

* Roundabout installation and safety upgrade along Ellen Street between Villa Road and Bournemouth Avenue at Springvale: $353,000 to install a roundabout and splitter islands at T-intersections;

* Intersection upgrade at Kangaroo Road and Second Avenue at Murrumbeena: $115,000 to install splitter islands at Second Avenue to limit movement to left in and left out only and modify the existing splitter island at Ardyne Street to prohibit the through movement from Second Avenue.

George said the funding would be directed toward roads and intersections that had been identified as dangerous.

“The Turnbull Liberal Government has committed $500 million to the Black Spot Programme from 2014-15 to 2018-19, including an additional $200 million over two years from 2015-16 to improve road safety and infrastructure across the country,” Mr Hua said.

“We have also provided record funding for the Roads to Recovery Programme to support local councils to upgrade and maintain the local road network.”

“I look forward to seeing these upgrades carried out and will also be fighting for additional funding to support further upgrades for our local roads,” Mr Hua said.


Coalition Campaign Headquarters: T: (02) 6110 1615 E:


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Minister for Justice Michael Keenan Keenanwas in Melbourne’s South East this morning and announced the Coalition had delivered $1.3 million of community safety projects as part of Round Two of the Safer Street Programme for Victorian suburbs.

In a region where Melbourne’s violent gang culture is at an all-time high, Minister Keenan today announced the Coalition’s $870,000 investment to fund closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the City of Greater Dandenong and Frankston City Council, and security upgrades in the City of Casey.

The Coalition’s Safer Streets Programme supports communities at the grass roots to help address crime and anti-social behaviour, and boost crime prevention initiatives to keep our streets safe.

Safer StreetMr Keenan joined Liberal Candidate for Hotham George Hua in Springvale to announce Greater Dandenong City Council will receive $496,345 for the installation of 29 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the Springvale Shopping precinct.

He also did a site tour of Hampton Park Community Square with Liberal Candidate for Holt James Mathias where he announced Casey City Council had received $208,100 to improve security infrastructure at Hampton Park Community Square, including new lighting, safer paths, better fencing and the installation of new safety bollards.

Earlier today Mr Keenan joined Liberal Candidate for Dunkley Chris Crewther to announce Frankston City Council had received $166,150 for the installation of four CCTV cameras at the Frankston Foreshore and another at Belvedere Shopping Precinct.

Yesterday Mr Keenan was also in Melbourne’s north with candidate for Jagajaga David Mulholland announcing more than $440,000 for a community safety project in the Bell Street Mall, Heidelberg West.Safer Street Details

Mr Keenan said the funding is drawn from the Proceeds of Crime Account – that is money taken from criminals and reinvested into prevention of further crime.

“Only safe communities can be strong and prosperous, and the best way to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is to prevent it from happening,” Mr Keenan said.

“The Coalition will continue to reinvest money confiscated from criminals and put them towards projects that make our streets and communities safer.”

In the first funding round, the Safer Streets Programme provided $19.5 million for specific projects for the installation of CCTV and lighting. This is the second round of funding which will be delivered in two streams.

The first stream will fund community safety infrastructure such as CCTV and lighting. CCTV is an effective crime prevention measure that provides significant deterrence to anti-social behaviour and is a valuable investigative tool. The second stream will deliver crime prevention initiatives by supporting the vital work of PCYC and Blue Light organisations.

Further information on the Safer Streets Programme is available at


Media contacts: Emily Broadbent M: 0400 390 008 / Shannen Wilkinson M: 0476 820 816

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7 June 2016

South Eastern Melbourne will receive $5.6 million for local drug and alcohol rehabilitation services as part of the Government’s plan to combat the scourge of ice in communities across the country.

The funding will help to reduce demand for ice and reduce addict-based crime by supporting local rehabilitation services to help get addicts off ice and out of the drug market.George Hua and Sussan Ley

Liberal Candidate for Hotham, George Hua today welcomed the new funding at Stepping Up in Frankston, which will help to combat the devastating impact that ice is having across the region.

“Ice is ruining lives, destroying communities and does not discriminate.

“This money will provide much needed services to people in our region that are grappling with ice addiction and substance misuse.

“I have spoken to countless families across our community who are dealing with the fallout of this insidious drug, many of whom are concerned about a lack of available treatment and rehab services,” George said.

While treatment delivery is traditionally the responsibility of state governments, the Federal Coalition Government has recognised the urgency of this situation and acted.

The funding for local services is part of the Coalition Government’s response to the National Ice Taskforce report, which was handed down in December last year. The South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network will be responsible for commissioning services with the funding, which will flow from July 1.

Minister for Health, Sussan Ley made the announcement today, together with George Hua, and said it was clear that we cannot simply “arrest our way out of this problem”.

“Police everywhere are doing a great job and making record numbers of busts,” Minister Ley said.

IMG_6323“Police and the National Ice Taskforce have recommended we also focus on reducing demand.

“If we want to break the drug dealer’s business model, we have to smash the demand for their terrible product and this funding will help to do just that.”

In addition to funding for rehabilitation services, local volunteer groups will soon be able to access grants from the Federal Government to deliver local education and prevention programmes across the community.
The Turnbull Liberal Team is also providing support to more than 1,200 community sporting clubs to deliver prevention messages about ice with a focus on regional Australia.

These programmes are part of the Turnbull Liberal Team’s comprehensive $300 million plan to tackle ice across Australia.


Media Contact: Steve Block – 0428 213 264 (Ley)

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No to Labor’s Housing Tax & No to Labor’s Investment Tax in Hotham

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The Turnbull Government has said no to Labor’s disastrous housing tax proposal and no to Labor’s massive tax increase on investment because they are bad for Australian families and bad for economic growth and jobs.

Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, said that there are 8,461 hard-working Australians in Hotham using negative gearing.

“Labor wants to penalise people like these mum and dad investors who are using negative gearing to build a future for their families,” Mr Hua said.

“It is about time Bill Shorten and Labor explained to each of these 8,461 individuals in Hotham why they think building some modest wealth for their families is so bad. This is just a tax increase to fund Labor’s spending addiction.”

“In Hotham, those who are negatively gearing have an average net rental loss of $8,362. If they weren’t able to negatively gear, those on the middle income tax bracket of 32.5c would face an annual tax increase of $2,718,” Mr Hua said.

Most of these middle income earners are investing in established housing, which Labor wants to ban.

Labor wants to impose bans on negative gearing so that middle income investors will have to compete with larger numbers of wealthy investors for a much smaller pool of new housing stock, crowding them out of the opportunity they have right now.

Labor’s proposal will take up to one third of buyers out of the housing market, which will reduce the value of homes. Driving down the value of the most important asset for most Australians is not a strategy for economic growth and enhanced prosperity for the Australian community.

The Government also rejects Labor’s proposal to hit Australians with a 50 per cent increase to capital gains tax. This will punish the investment necessary for economic growth that will deliver new and better paying jobs.

Nearly two thirds of Australians who make a capital gain on their investments have a taxable income of $80,000 or less.
Now is not the time for risky and damaging proposals such as those put forward by Labor.

The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) has already taken action to ease risks in lending practices. The evidence is that the previous growth in housing prices has moderated and that housing affordability across Australia is improving.

The last thing our transitioning economy needs is a tax hit on hardworking Australians just trying to get ahead.
Only a Turnbull Government can be trusted to manage our economy and support Australia through this transition and to promote jobs and growth in our new economy.


27 April 2016

Media enquiries: George Hua 0450 210 423

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Hotham wins with Turnbull Government’s $1.5 billion infrastructure plan

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Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of the Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan.

“The Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan is a huge win for Hotham,” Mr Hua said.

George said the Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan is focused on upgrading infrastructure to cut Melbourne’s traffic congestion crisis.

“Critically for the people of Hotham, this plan includes $500 million to upgrade the clogged Monash Freeway and $75 million to tackle local congestion hotspots,” Mr Hua said.

“Traffic congestion is a real concern to residents of Hotham. Smart investment in road and rail infrastructure across Melbourne will help our city grow and ensure local families are not stuck in traffic for hours each day,” Mr Hua said.

The Turnbull Government has also indicated that $3 billion of federal funding remains available to any Victorian government that builds the entire East West Link.

“Victorians are rightly confused and angry that Labor wasted $1.1 billion not to build the East West Link, a project that Infrastructure Australia has determined to be a high priority initiative,” Mr Hua said.

“The Turnbull Government remains committed to the East West Link, and the Coalition’s offer of $3 billion still stands should any Victorian Government decide to proceed,” Mr Hua said.

Other elements of the plan include the final upgrades of the Western Ring Road, planning work on the Melbourne Metro project and multi-million dollar road safety upgrade of regional roads to be mutually agreed between the Australian and Victorian governments.

George encourages Hotham commuters to find out more at


18 April 2016

Media enquiries: George Hua 0450 210 423

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$1.4 million boost creates 23 new aged care places in Hotham

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Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, has welcomed the 23 new aged care places that have been created locally following a competitive application process conducted by the Department of Health for the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round.

“The Turnbull Government’s $1.4 million investment in Hotham will provide more quality aged care for local families,” Mr Hua said.

“There is a strong demand for aged care in Hotham and these additional places are essential in ensuring our elderly receive the quality care they deserve,” Mr Hua said.

George speaks to elderly resident

Older Australians in Hotham will benefit from a substantial increase in funding for aged care services, with the Turnbull Government announcing over 17,000 new care places across the nation worth an estimated $910 million.

On top of these new aged care places, the Turnbull Government has also announced $67 million in capital grants to help approved providers establish new services or upgrade existing facilities.

This is the last ACAR to include home care places. From February 2017 funding will follow the consumer not the provider, allowing people to choose the care which suits their individual needs, to then direct funding to that provider.

“Australians want greater choice and control over the care they receive and the changes to home care we’ve created do exactly that,” Mr Hua said.

More information about the results of the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round is available at


23 March 2016

Media Enquiries: Andrew Hudgson 0404 020 896

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Embracing the jobs of the future in Hotham

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Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, says the Coalition Government is working hard to prepare the community to take advantage of future changes to the economy and the workforce.

“Throughout time economies continually change and we are in a rapidly changing global environment,” Mr Hua said.

“In fact this transformation presents Australians with unprecedented opportunities and the Coalition Government is putting in place targeted policies to harness these opportunities,” Mr Hua said.

A recent Deloitte Access Economics report highlights the Government’s focus on innovation is a critical initiative for all Australians in understanding the changing nature of the workforce and ensuring Australians are equipped to take advantage of employment opportunities in the digital era.

“In recognition of the changing nature of our economy, the Coalition Government’s investment in the $1.1 billion Innovation Agenda will ensure local families can capitalise on the opportunities this transformation presents,” Mr Hua said.

“My number one priority is seeing jobs created for Hotham families. It is important for all Australians to understand possible future change, and what the opportunities for the future of work will be.”

“We can prepare our workforce now by identifying and anticipating labour force changes so that we maintain our job growth and productivity,” Mr Hua said.

Over the next four years, the government will spend $84 million to assist Australians in digital literacy and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This includes new money to upgrade teachers’ digital skills, educational apps and $13 million to boost the participation of girls and women in STEM.

The Government also recently announced financial support for the “Little Scientists” and “Let’s Count” training programmes that will help to inspire 350,000 pre-schoolers across the country in maths and sciences.

The Coalition Government is focused on creating jobs by building a more competitive, innovative and prosperous future for all Australians.


22 March 2016

Media enquiries: George Hua
PO Box 5119, Clayton VIC 3168
0450 210 423

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George Hua – Liberal for Hotham

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Liberal for Hotham

2007年初,21岁的George Hua华珏靓来到澳大利亚留学,在莫纳什大学学习计算机科学。7年后,他被澳大利亚第一大党自由党提名为维多利亚州议员候选人。短短一年之后,29岁的George Hua再次被澳大利亚自由党提名,成为Hotham选区联邦众议院候选人,参选澳大利亚国会。


George和外交部长Julie Bishop、助理财政部长兼小企业部长Kelly O’Dwyer

Hotham联邦选区是一个较多华人居住的选区,包括:Bentleigh East,Clarinda,Dingley Village,Heatherton,Moorabbin, Cheltenham,Murrumbeena,Hughesdale,Oakleigh,Clayton, Noble Park和Springvale。和很多Hotham的居民一样,George来到这片土地寻求优质的教育和更好的生活。




政治可能对您来说相当遥远,但您手中神圣的一票不仅仅决定谁来执政,它更大程度上决定了您自己的未来生活。拥有创新思维的George Hua将会是一名优秀、诚信、可靠的Hotham代表,他也希望Hotham的居民和各位华人朋友们都能够支持他。


3 December 2015

Media enquiries: George Hua
PO Box 5119, Clayton VIC 3168
0450 210 423

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