George Hua first arrived in Australia from Shanghai China in 2007, and pursued a Computer Science degree at Monash University.

George started his professional career as a software engineer in 2010. He worked for technology company specialised in banking software; consulting firm on Federal Government projects; as well as leading electronic trading brokerage dealing with the Australian and global equity markets.

With his professional knowledge in technology and finance, George co-founded RoyalPay, Australia’s first QR code based cross-border payment company in 2015. Through George’s leadership, RoyalPay achieved more than $12 million turnover in the first 6 trading months.

George was the Liberal House of Representatives Candidate for Hotham in the 2016 Federal Election. Late 2016, George was successfully elected as a Councillor for the City of Kingston.

George appreciates the importance of local job creation and the benefits that thriving small businesses have on a local community.

Reducing the cost of living, including electricity and gas bills; fixing congestion by decentralising our population growth; getting in control of our growing crime problem; and respecting family and community values are the priorities for the upcoming State Election.

As a Councillor for City of Kingston, George is an active member in the local community and believes multiculturalism has been a key factor in Australia’s success. George is committed to listening, delivering and making sure our diverse community in Melbourne’s South East continues to foster opportunities and harmony. If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact George.