Feb 1986, George was born in Shanghai, China.

Mar 2007, George first arrived in Melbourne, Australia.

Aug 2009, George joined the Liberal Party of Australia.

Nov 2009, George graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor degree of Computer Science.

Feb 2010, George started his professional career as a software engineer focusing on the financial, retail and government sectors.

Apr 2011, George was elected Chair of the Chinese Liberals Association.

May 2012, George joined one of the world’s leading electronic trading brokerage – ITG.

Nov 2014, George stood as the 5th Liberal Candidate for South Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Victorian State Election.

Dec 2015, George was elected Vice Chair of the Hotham Federal Electorate Conference, Liberal Party of Australia.

Apr 2016, George resigned from ITG in preparation of the 2016 Australian Federal Election.

Jul 2016, George stood as the Liberal Candidate for Hotham in the Australian Federal Election.

Jul 2016, George co-founded RoyalPay, a fintech start-up provides cross-border payment service to Australian merchants.

Oct 2016, George is elected to the Office of Councillor for North Ward, City of Kingston in the 2016 Victorian Local Government Election.