$1.4 million boost creates 23 new aged care places in Hotham

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Liberal candidate for Hotham, George Hua, has welcomed the 23 new aged care places that have been created locally following a competitive application process conducted by the Department of Health for the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round.

“The Turnbull Government’s $1.4 million investment in Hotham will provide more quality aged care for local families,” Mr Hua said.

“There is a strong demand for aged care in Hotham and these additional places are essential in ensuring our elderly receive the quality care they deserve,” Mr Hua said.

George speaks to elderly resident

Older Australians in Hotham will benefit from a substantial increase in funding for aged care services, with the Turnbull Government announcing over 17,000 new care places across the nation worth an estimated $910 million.

On top of these new aged care places, the Turnbull Government has also announced $67 million in capital grants to help approved providers establish new services or upgrade existing facilities.

This is the last ACAR to include home care places. From February 2017 funding will follow the consumer not the provider, allowing people to choose the care which suits their individual needs, to then direct funding to that provider.

“Australians want greater choice and control over the care they receive and the changes to home care we’ve created do exactly that,” Mr Hua said.

More information about the results of the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round is available at www.dss.gov.au/2015ACAR


23 March 2016

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